A Lesson in Listening

Drew likes to be the center of attention and often volunteers to go first. Well…he got a surprise today and a lesson is listening.  At swimming lessons today the teacher told them they were going to do something (I couldn’t hear what she said to them), and asked who wanted to go first. Drew excitedly said “me, me, I want to go first!”  Drew is doing well with his lessons, but still doesn’t like to put his head or face in the water.  So what a shock to him when the teacher put her arms around him and dunked him! He came up sputtering and coughing and generally unhappy.  He quickly recovered and went about playing in the water, but still wasn’t too happy. I think he’ll pay better attention next time before he volunteers to go first! At least at swimming lessons.

It turned out to be really good though, he’s slowly learning that it’s okay to get his face wet and nothing bad happens when he goes under.

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