The Other One’s a Fish0

After mentioning Drew’s swimming experience I thought it would be good to mention Brandon.  Bran LOVES swimming.  This boy tends to be shy in new surroundings and often takes months to warm up at things like music class, Sunday School,  or Pre-School.  But at swimming he has found his joy. He tends to be a little quiet at the start of class but as soon as they get in the water he has the biggest smile ever.  Today he spent most of the class trying to float on his stomach while the rest of the class was doing something else.  The class started out with life vests on so he would hold onto the wall and then push himself off and float.  When the vests came off, he kept trying to do it and just kept laughing and smiling.  He regularly goes under and pops back up, he won’t however go under to pick something up off the bottom. Apparently it’s okay to accidently go under, or put your head just under the surface, but he’s not ready to go under far enough to pick something up yet, at least not on purpose. He’s happy to participate in the activities and doesn’t mind the teacher or her assistant helping or directing him to do something.  Swimming is definitely a place where Brandon feels happy and secure and it’s really fun to watch the real Brandon come out during his lessons, or any swimming activity.  I think one of the reasons why swimming class works for Brandon is that there is a lot of time when he can play alone when the teacher is helping each of the kids and that resonates well with his introversion.


A Lesson in Listening0

Drew likes to be the center of attention and often volunteers to go first. Well…he got a surprise today and a lesson is listening.  At swimming lessons today the teacher told them they were going to do something (I couldn’t hear what she said to them), and asked who wanted to go first. Drew excitedly said “me, me, I want to go first!”  Drew is doing well with his lessons, but still doesn’t like to put his head or face in the water.  So what a shock to him when the teacher put her arms around him and dunked him! He came up sputtering and coughing and generally unhappy.  He quickly recovered and went about playing in the water, but still wasn’t too happy. I think he’ll pay better attention next time before he volunteers to go first! At least at swimming lessons.

It turned out to be really good though, he’s slowly learning that it’s okay to get his face wet and nothing bad happens when he goes under.


A Trip to the Big Screen, and Other Fun Activities1

We took advantage of Mike being home this past weekend, in between his trips to Las Vegas and Chicago. We started the morning off with a visit to the Art Walk on Whyte Ave. There was lots of good stuff there and had I not been pulled away by the little hand in mine, I would have liked to look at at some more closely. But the boys did a great job and we got to talk a little bit about visual art. Some things they told us just were ‘not art’, but trying to explain subjectivity in art to a 3-year old, is, well, futile. If they don’t like it it doesn’t matter if anyone else does. So along we went. Afterwards I asked Brandon if he liked the pictures that were painted better, or the ones taken with a camera. My son came through for me with a resounding, “the camera ones!” Which makes me think that I have not yet jaded them with all the pictures I’ve taken of them. :-)

After our long walk back to the car, the boys slept while we ran some errands. We made it back home with just enough time for me to run to the corner and get some groceries before hitting the LRT and heading downtown to see Wall-e. Anna met us at our place (and her new neighborhood beginning in August!) and we walked to the LRT, took it to City Centre Mall and the Cinema for the boys’ first trip to a real movie theater. I was worried because we were running a little behind, but the theatre wasn’t even half full. So that worked out well for us. We have been practicing for the past few months with movie nights every week or so. We pop some popcorn, curl up on the couch, turn down the lights, and play a movie off of the computer. Not exactly the big screen, but the boys have been working on being quiet when the movie is on and not getting up and down. So this was our big test. Would they make it the whole way through? Would we have to leave early? We found an empty row of seats about halfway down, I sat on the end in case someone needed to get out fast. While Anna, the boys and I were getting our popcorn I found seats that the kids could sit on to make them higher. I remember seeing these a long time ago, but forgot all about them. They seemed to work well for the boys and kept them from squishing up in the seat. They had a hard time sitting during the previews and kept asking “where’s Wall-e?” But once it started they did a great job with minimal talking and fidgeting. The middle of the movie was a bit slow and the robot theme was not something they have much experience with ( I know, I know, we’re working on it ;-) ), so about halfway through Bran ended up on Mike’s lap and Drew was having trouble sitting still, alternating between wiggling and laying on my arm. But it picked up again and they were back to watching.

After the movie we walked a block or so to the Spaghetti Factory, where Joel met up with us and we had a great dinner. The boys were telling us all about Wall-e and Eve. Eve was Drew’s favorite and Bran liked Wall-e best. We had trouble keeping them still for dinner and were reminded once again why we don’t go out as a family by ourselves and how glad we are that our friends are willing to take on some responsibility in keeping the boys entertained. :-) Thanks Anna and Joel!

All in all our first trip to the big screen was positive and I think we’ll try again in the fall.

Now we’re off for a weekend of camping in Jasper, which we haven’t done since the boys were a year old. I’m nervous and excited at the same time. They’re way more mobile and they like to run… :-)


My Birthday0

Mike’s parents were in town this week so we got some babysitting in and went out 2 days early for my birthday. We went out with friends to the Wild Tangerine for dinner and then to O’Byrnes Irish Pub for some music. It was an awesome night out and really yummy food. I highly recommend the Asian Ceasar salad, beef stirfry with sesame mayo sauce, an alchemy to drink, and the Chocolate from the East dessert (crust made with cashews and lychee nuts) dark chocolate on top, and the Italian dessert wine. O’Byrnes of course was fun as usual.

Thanks friends for a great night out!


The Summer of Diggers, Diggers, and More Diggers!4

The boys, as many boys their age do, LOVE diggers and construction vehicles of every kind.  This summer our neighborhood will become a little boy’s heaven when the city descends upon us to re-do our sidewalks and all the street lighting. Today, the boys and I took a walk to the mailbox a few streets away. This happened to be where EPCOR has just started to work on replacing street lights and putting the wiring underground.  We passed several Bobcats, a backhoe, 2 dump trucks, and a flatbed truck.  About 1/2 a block from the mailbox we came across 2 EPCOR guys walking our way. They asked if we had some time and if we wanted to watch the Bobcat at work.  Well what mother in her right mind would pass that up?  At least not this mother.  So even though they weren’t quite ready to start work on the spot where we were, the guy in charge (who apparently remembered what it was like to LOVE diggers so much) had the Bobcat brought there instead.  The boys got to watch it scrape off the top layer of soil and then take the dirt off to the dump truck.  Afterwards they were allowed to play with their diggers in the dirt.  At the same time the guy in charge was explaining to me how they get the new electrical wires underground and telling me all the great things the city has planned for our neighborhood.  The best thing is that this is going to be happening for most of the summer on different streets around the neighborhood.  Pretty soon they will get to our street and all we’ll have to do is watch out the window, if the boys will find that satisfying enough after watching them work up close.  It should be a fun summer around here!


“You’re not cute Mommy…”1

Friday the boys and I were on campus in the building where Mike works. We were stopped by a woman I didn’t know, asking if the boys were “the Bowling Twins”. I said they were and she told me that she had been joking with some faculty just that day about how interesting it was that their children were all so cute when, well… you know, they weren’t. I agreed saying “yeah it’s funny how cute they turn out when their parents aren’t.” After the woman walked away Brandon turned to me and very seriously asked me, “I’m not cute?” I assured him that he was in fact cute to which he replied, “You’re not cute mommy.”

I have to admit that he did a great job of following the gist of the conversation!


Overheard at the Gas Station2

The other day the following was overheard at the Esso in Clairview. “Stop taking your brother’s teeth!” “You, you stop crying about it, he’s not really taking them it’s just pretend” “I said stop taking his teeth and give them back, now!” The poor mother had locked her kids in the car while pumping gas and was yelling at them through the window. Thankfully for the most part the kids were keeping themselves entertained except for the occasional bout of teasing (and teeth pulling?!). Normally I might have thought one of two things depending on my mood and how the kids had been that day. Either “That poor mother, she’s really keeping herself together over that and the kids are real troopers too. I hope I will be like if I ever end up in that situation.”, or “What kind of mother locks her kids in the car?”

Turns out…

…it was me!

I left the keys in the ignition so the boys could keep listening to a new CD they got at Kindermusik class. The front door has never locked before when I’ve gotten gas, but then I’ve never left the keys in the ignition either. When I went to get back into the van, all the doors were locked. I called AMA and of course got the, “Oh my goodness you’re kids are in the car!?” but they said someone would be out as soon as possible. About a half an hour later I decided to try my neighbor Jon to see if he happened to be home and had access to his car (usually Connie takes it to work). It just so happened that he was home and Connie was out of town so he had the car! He got the spare key from our house and saved the day!

Lest you are one of those thinking, “What kind of mother locks her kids in the car”, a friend sent me the following link from the automobile association in England, apparently I am not alone.


A Year in Review0

I’m generally not into writing the Christmas letter thing. But since I put my blog address on all my Christmas cards, I thought maybe I should write something about what’s been happening in the Bowling family. Mostly it’s a review since I’ve written about much of our lives in this blog already.

As with most years, this one has been filled with its ups and downs. Drew and Bran have really grown this year and are turning into little boys. As of last January the boys were out of their cribs. At 18 months this wasn’t our ideal situation, but they were climbing out of their cribs so often and so well that they were starting to do dangerous things and getting hurt. So out went the beds. We tried mattresses on the floor for several months, but we just couldn’t keep them in bed. We got to the point where we were actually laying in between with our arms over each one holding them down! It was taking hours to get them to sleep. It takes Bran a while to settle in bed at night and he had a lot of trouble with this. So we tried putting them in their room and letting them run around until they were ready to sleep. This only resulted in a torn up bedroom with destroyed drawers and wallpaper. So back we went to staying beside them until they fell asleep. Around their 2nd birthday they got toddler beds which actually helped a lot. But we still have to stay in the room with them. Bedtime has gone down to 15-20 minutes most nights and 1 hour on really bad nights. Drew really likes to be patted on his back and it’s often best to leave Bran alone to roll around, chew his soother and settle down. We’re still working on being able to leave them alone and having them not get up and follow us out. :-) But it will come.

In April the boys spent a week in Ohio with their Grandma Scott, and Nana and Papa Bowling while we went on a vacation (a belated trip for our 10th anniversary. We had our 11th one this September!). It was really nice to get away and nice for the boys to have some one-on-one time with their grandparents. We also threw a little early birthday party for them while we were there, which was lots of fun for the family.

Since we were back home in April we decided not to go back over the summer, so Mike’s parents came out in June and my brother and sister-in-law, Jeffery and Holly came out that month as well. My mom came out during her summer vacation in July. We didn’t do a lot of traveling because it was so hard with the boys sleeping. This was really hard on us because we had been so used to taking them everywhere. But we decided to try one weekend away in Calgary in August. We spent one day at the Royal Tyrell Dinosaur Museum, stayed overnight in a hotel in Calgary and spent the next day at the Calgary Zoo. The boys did great! Our hotel had a pool which the boys absolutely loved! There was a waterslide and every time someone went down it splashed water everywhere. I thought this would especially freak Drew out but he just giggled and giggled every time he got splashed. The boys even slept well. So it was a great trip.

This fall the boys started in a playschool. They go every Wednesday from 9:15-11:45. It took Bran a few weeks to get used to it, but now he’s doing great. In January they will move up to the next class and may go 2 days a week. It’s been a big help to me. I’ve been able to get some much needed cleaning done around the house and run some errands. It’s become really difficult to run errands with the boys. Grocery shopping has become a nightmare, unless it’s a quick trip, and you can forget about going anywhere else. So this gives me time to do much of that.

Many Fridays the boys have been going to a drop-in gymnastics program. It’s really great. It’s a big room filled with gymnastics equipment, all at toddler height. And they can run around and use any of the equipment that they want. It really helps them burn off some energy. The boys also had their 2nd set of swimming lessons this fall. They were in the Duck class. They love swimming! By the end they were doing really well floating, blowing bubbles, and even putting their heads under from time to time. The boys really like to try and swim with their arms and legs going. But aren’t so keen on putting their heads under more than once a class. We went to a new facility this time which was great for the boys. Our class was in a shallow teaching pool where the water was up to the boys’ chest. It’s great for them because they can move around without us having to hold on to them. They enjoy having the freedom to move on their own. Our classes have ended and we have decided to wait a bit for the next class (Sea Turtle). We would like to have our Saturday mornings back for a little while. :-)

The boys in general are doing really well. They’re ornery, they’re tiring, they make us angrier than we ever thought we could be. :-) But they also make us laugh, and they’re great snugglers, and it’s so much fun to watch them grow and learn. They say the funniest things which I’ll write more about later. Bran is going through a separation anxiety phase which is really hard for our extroverted child. He always wants to be in the middle of things but he wants one of us to be there with him. He is very creative and often keeps himself entertained with make believe scenarios using dinosaurs, banana peel rockets, styrofoam cups, etc. He’s also talks with authority and likes to tell us what to do, “come here, no talking, no singing, move over…” Drew is more introverted, although he’s quite happy to jump into new activities without much fear. He’s definitely an intense child. One minute he’s smiling and giggling and as cute as can be, the next he’s whining, crying and generally an unhappy boy. We enjoy the giggling Drew better. :-) Drew loves music; listening to it, playing his recorder, guitar, piano or drums. We often also find him dancing to the music we’re listening to.

One of the things that we have started to enjoy doing with the boys is playing games. Finally! :-) Our favorite game until recently has been Carcassonne. Before you think we’ve got geniuses or something…we play a very simple version. Here are our rules. 1. You have to take turns drawing a tile. 2. You have to place a tile on the table next to another tile. 3. You may not pick up any pieces from the table. Very simple. Drew is starting to understand that roads can touch roads and cities are part of bigger cities, so soon we will add another rule which is that the tiles must touch appropriately. The boys are getting several games for Christmas from family members so I’ll have more to write about games later.

Mike decided to do some consulting work this summer. He’ll have to tell you more about what he’s doing. It made his summer a little more busy, but manageable. It really got rough though in September when he started teaching two classes. He dropped his consulting back by half after that. It’s definitely been nice having the extra income (it helps with the cost of bringing us all home :-) ). Mike taught 2 classes this term, a robotics class for graduate students and an undergraduate class on computer game development. I think he really liked both classes, but they’re a lot of work. He’s also been busy writing papers and advising his students. But he does a great job of being home for the boys in the evening and putting them to bed every night. We even spend some time together every night, and then he’s back on the computer doing the work he couldn’t get done at school.

I’ve been playing with a new camera that Mike got for me, it’s the new Canon 40D. I’m really enjoying the better pics I’m getting of the boys. I’ve even been out with some friends and learning from those better than I am. I mostly enjoy taking pictures of kids, especially non-posed shots. If anyone is interested in having me take some photos of their family, it would be a free way to get some pictures and give me some practice. :-) I’ve taken a few courses and am hoping to take another one this Spring.

A friend and I are also hoping to start a mom’s play group at our local community centre, for neighborhood moms. I’m really excited about this and hope we can get it going by mid-January. I’m finally starting to feel like I’m climbing out of hibernation. I have more energy and feel more able to take the lead on some activities. Previously I’ve just been so tired by the time the boys go to bed that I don’t get much done. :-) I’m looking forward to getting some projects done this winter. But we’ll see what happens as the months roll along. :-)

This year I decided to bring the boys back to the States earlier than usual. I have some friends that I haven’t seen in awhile that I wanted to visit and the holidays are just too hectic to fit a trip in. Plus Mike has a week-long conference every December and then there’s the end of the semester, which is always busy. My mother-in-law came up to celebrate Second Thanksgiving with us, a.k.a. American Thanksgiving. She helped us with the boys and getting the food ready, which was such a great help. Then on the 28th of November she boarded a plane with the boys and I and headed back to Ohio. The boys did a great job! It helps now that they have their own seats. It gives us so much more room. A day after getting into Ohio and visiting with their Papa and also Grandma Scott, we went to Pittsburgh and spent part of the day with Jodi Walsh and her 2 kids. Then our friend Toby drove with the boys and I out to central Pennsylvania to see the Groshes in Mount Joy and the Brandts in Manheim. It was so great to connect with old friends again and see how their kids are growing. It’s was good to reminisce about our days in the ‘Burgh when we met 10 years ago!

Mike came in on the 18th and we’ve now been spending our days with family. The boys have been playing in the snow, building snowmen, visiting great-grandparents, aunts and uncles. And the grandparents are getting lots of one-on-one time with the boys. The boys have been changing so much in the time we have been away. They are talking so much more and are becoming very articulate. It’s neat to watch how the boys interact with their extended family and to have all the extra hands around. It will definitely be a hard adjustment getting back to just the four of us and Mike going back to work. But I’m also looking forward to getting back in touch with Edmonton friends and our normal routines, as well spending quality time with puppy again.

That’s about all the non-exciting happenings in our life these days. :-) I’m hoping that in this next year we will be out of church flux and have decided on a place of worship. I also anticipate getting our garden going again and doing some more clean up of the backyard. My other big project is to get our desk cleaned and organized and throw things out! It’s actually a very big job! We’re really thankful for the ability we have to travel home and spend quality time with family and friends. It’s sometimes hard to be so far away, but it’s nice to have the freedom to come home for so long.

We hope that anyone who is reading this has gotten a little glimpse into our crazy lives. :-) We hope that you have a joyful holiday season and blessed 2008.


Congratulations Mike!3

Mike was recently promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure. Congrats honey!

Congratulations to Vadim Bulitko and Greg Kondrak for also being promoted to Associate Professor with tenure, as well as, Janelle Harms, Mike MacGregor, Ioanis Nikolaidis, and Eleni Stroulia for being promoted to Full Professor.


A Little Verbal Exchange4

Excerpt from a grocery trip conversation between Brandon and I.

Me:”What do you have to do in the store?”
Bran: “Hold onto the cart”

Me: “That’s right, you get an “A”"
Bran: “Andrew’s name starts with ‘A’”

The boys now don’t like to ride in the stroller, nor do they like to ride in the cart. I was lucky actually. They were willing to do both for a long time. But now it’s made life a bit more difficult. So the rule is, they have to hold onto the cart. Today, Drew had to ride because he repeatedly refused to hold on when I asked him to. Although he didn’t seem too upset about it, so it worked out fine for all of us. :-) Now that they are walking around the store lots more things get put into the cart than what I’m planning to buy, so I am learning to maneuver strategically and find good places to dump off their loot! The boys have also figured out how to work the conveyor belt at the end of the checkout and so have been getting my grocery bags stuck under it at the end. It’s the kind of button where one side turns it on and you have to flip it the other way to turn it off. Unfortunately they’re not as fast as we would like them to be at flipping the switch. Although they are as fast as they want to be. :-) At first the cashiers thought they were cute, now I’m not so sure they think that! Another week until we go again!

I have to say though, it’s alot of fun to see what interests them in the store (like whole grain crackers, who can say ‘no’ to that?) and to have conversations like the one above. It’s just hard to weigh those against the work it is to get through the store with all the groceries on the list, no extra snacks, and no tears from any of us! Happy shopping everyone!